First Post: The New Website

January 27, 2019

My website used to be static html that I created with a little bit of bootstrap help. I love bootstrap - not least because its creator (mdo) is a fellow Hubber - but the truth is that I don’t need everything that it does. The truth is that I’m better with markdown than I am with HTML and CSS these days. So, why not make a static website using markdown? Enter Hugo!

Since I’m a hubber too, I felt obliged to make use of github pages so I googled up this documentation for help with getting hugo and githubpages to work together. In addition, I wrote this little script to start my local development server so that I can get things right before I publish it to the repo:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e

hugo server -D --bind "" -b "" --disableFastRender is my ubuntu compute server here at home. The :1313 is the hugo server port. Since I’m SSH’d into compute from my Windows machine, I need to bind on so that I can hit compute from my browser here.

So my workflow is this:

  1. run ./dev
  2. make my changes and preview them
  3. run ./

I love that my site is static. I love that the content is driven by markdown. I love LOVE that I’m not writing any CSS and the site looks acceptable. The only dynamic content is the disqus, but it’s all handled by the excellent onepress theme.

The only remaining question is whether the comments section will be useful or a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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