Home Lab

November 7, 2022

Like most software and sysadmin nerds, I have a home lab. It’s a hodgepodge mix of old desktops, salvaged servers, and purchased equipment. I thought it might be interesting to share what I’ve done because it will also remind me how and what I’ve done. Here are the things that are worth mentioning:

  • Running my own router
  • [Slightly] more grown-up networking
  • The charcuterie computing board
  • Using Ansible (poorly) to install kubernetes
  • Non-kubernetes dial-tone services: mysql and ldap
  • Basic setup of a newly-installed kubernetes cluster
    • Kubernetes: installing calico and metallb
    • Kubernetes: installing cert-manager for Ingress with Let’s Encrypt
    • Kubernetes: observability with telegraf, influx, and grafana
    • Kubernetes: bare-metal volumes with TopoLVM

As I write an entry, I’ll turn the list above into links and the entries will link back to this post, which will be a table of contents post.

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